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Colorful Bobbers for catfishing

Among American sport fishermen the catfish is a very popular game fish. Many anglers are focused solely on catfishing, especially those near significant bodies of water that provide suitable habitat for catfish. For many, catfishing the bottoms of a good sized lake or river with a shad bait for the big catfish is the ultimate in fishing, and requires a definite knowledge and skill of catfishing techniques and equipment.

Most catfish caught in the wild by anglers will be in the range of 2 to 5 pounds. Though it doesn't sound like very much, fish of this size require that the sportsman pay good attention to his/her catfishing gear. Catfishing rods, catfishing line, catfishing hooks, and catfishing sinkers are usually bigger, sturdier, and can handle this heavier fish. This becomes more important when fishing in large rivers and faster flowing streams where catfishing gear must be able to withstand more wear and tear. And if you hook up to that 10+ pounder, you are definitely going to want the catfishing line that you are using to hold up without breaking.

In many areas of the country you will find catfishing guide services. These services will usually be operated by a person or group familiar with local waters and fishing conditions. Many will offer either day or night time catfishing, and can also provide you with the catfishing gear for your outing. Of course you may also be able to choose to do your catfishing from either the bank or a boat. Costs for catfishing guides are dependent upon the services provided and can be up to $300 dollars per day or more. Always check out the references of your guide before booking your catfishing trip.

As it turns out, the catfish is also one of our most successfully raised fish for commercial harvesting. It is a common product in our aquatic food chain, showing up mostly in the grocery frozen food section with other fish and seafood. Farm raised catfish fillets are easy to cook, and can be tastefully prepared using any of the great catfish recipes that are readily available.
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